Altier Fine Art Studio

Nate Altier is an artist and the owner of Altier Fine Art Studio located in Hedgesville, WV. Primarily a portrait painter, a recent experiment led Nate to push himself past his comfort zone and into the exploration of the abstract.


A western short of which I had the pleasure of being the 2nd Unit Director and Cinematographer.

2nd Unit Director/Cinematographer: Vincenzo Frattarola
Editor: Ryan Wotherspoon
Audio: Elvis Wilson
Writer: Kurtis Anton
Music: Edna Alejandra Longoria

Lotte Kestner | "Needle in the Hay" Elliott Smith Cover

Lotte Kestner performs a cover of Elliott Smith's "Needle in the Hay" live on Vashon Island in Washington State.

Lotte Kestner "Crush the Bird" Live on Vashon Island

This performance is taken from the "first" episode of the web series, The Technicolour Noise. It was filmed live, in a single take as the sun was setting.

THE TECHNICOLOUR NOiSE - Episode 02 (David Harto, SISTERS)

The second episode of THE TECHNICOLOUR NOiSE features a two-part piece on Industrial Artist, David Harto, and music from Seattle band, SISTERS.

Produced, Edited, and Directed by Vincenzo Frattarola
Filmed by Vincenzo Frattarola, Maurice Morales, and Dan Fromhart.

ARTIST PORTRAIT: Elizabeth Gahan

In the summer of 2013, I had the opportunity to document the creative process of Seattle-based installation artist, Beth Gahan, as she embarked on her largest project to date.

Filmed & Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola

Additional Music by Justin Tamminga

"Aldgate Patterns" performed by Little People
"Candle" performed by Chick Salad
"Brakes On - Gordini Mix" performed by Air


Lowercase Brewing is a brand new brewery based in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. It was started by 3 guys who believe that simplicity equals good beer. This is a brief look of how Lowercase got started, and where it's headed.

Shot & Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola
2nd Camera Maurice Morales
"When I" performed by: NU (

WHITNEY LYMAN "Pleasure Pain"

Seattle singer/songwriter Whitney Lyman (Pollens), performs a live version of her song "Pleasure Pain" at The VEER LOFTS in South Lake Union.

Filmed on Monday June 24, 2013

Filmed by Maurice Morales and Vincenzo Frattarola
Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola
Clothing provided by ZEBRACLUB, Seattle
Makeup by Kayleigh Roberts
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jackie Wu, Sonny Flores, and Maurice Morales


Lotte Kestner performs her song "Wrestler" with Mike Dumovich, shot live on Vashon Island.

Edited & Directed by Vincenzo Frattarola
Filmed by Vincenzo Frattarola and Maurice Morales

Kris Orlowski & Friends perform "Mountains"

Kris Orlowski performs a spontaneous acoustic version of "Mountains" behind the Columbia City Theater. A track off his upcoming EP collaboration with Andrew Joslyn, entitled, "Pieces We Are". Kris is joined by Allen Stone, Daniel Blue, Mychal Cohen, and Torry Anderson.

Filmed by Brad Curran and Vincenzo Frattarola
Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola


A teaser for Costly Desires, a theatrical play written & directed by Seattle artist, Megan Becker. The play focuses on a girl trying to escape the sex-trafficking industry.

Filmed & Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola

Kelli Schaefer performs "Enough to Go Around" on The Song Show

The Song Show
Presented by City Arts

Producer/Host: Mark Baumgarten
Director: Brad Curran
Vincenzo Frattarola
Audio Engineer: Jonas G
Production Assistant: Heather Davidson

Recorded June 7, 2012
At the Rendezvous
Seattle, WA

"Pieces We Are EP" Promo

Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn present the "Pieces We Are EP", out for sale on October 15, 2012. This promo was shot at Columbia City Theater, and gives an overview of the recording process of the project.

Filmed by Vincenzo Frattarola and Brad Curran
Edited by Vincenzo Frattarola

BOOKS (2010)

I am a great admirer of the late Polish filmmaker, Krzysztof Kieślowski. Although he is known most for his Three Colors Trilogy, it is his 1991 film The Double Life of Veronique that has influenced me the most and remains one of my favorite pieces of cinema as well as the model, tonally, for BOOKS -- a simple short about everyday missed connections that could potentially be everything, or nothing at all.

Written/Filmed/Edited/Directed by Vincenzo Frattarola